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Discomfort in the Montreal Canadiens locker room: Cole Caufield’s fury

Discomfort in the Montreal Canadiens locker room: Cole Caufield’s fury

Discontent in the Montreal Canadiens locker room.

– We are beginning to feel some growth among young people.

Nobody understands why Brendan Gallagher embroidered his A-line jacket.

– Gally can no longer follow the show.

– If Martin Saint-Louis did not protect him so as not to humiliate him.

Gallagher will not wear…

– If his salary wasn’t “too ridiculous.”

– It will already be compensated.

– That he has an A on his jacket obviously creates UNMARE in the room.

Cole Coffield has never hidden his desire to become a co-captain.

— especially since he’s Nick Suzuki’s best friend.

– Cofield thought he got an A from Joel Edmundson.

But according to the Journal de Montreal…

– David Savard, another veteran in his final miles, will be the second assistant.

– Yes, yes, David Savard.

– The person who risks exposure to the deadline for deals.

– Very strange.

– We want to give the team to the youth.

— but we give veterans downhill A’s so we don’t offend them.


Nick Suzuki lost an assistant when Joel Edmondson was traded to Washington. Hughes, Gorton and Martin St. Louis wouldn’t have to search for hours to find a successor. (Montreal newspaper)

David Savard, a 32-year-old defender, is the ideal candidate for the role. Savard is a good big brother to the youth in this team and he perfectly embodies the team’s philosophy, always putting the motto on his own interests.

Brendan Gallagher will again be the other co-pilot for Suzuki.