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Direct flights from Quebec: Sunwing and Air Transat are improving their offering

Direct flights from Quebec: Sunwing and Air Transat are improving their offering

Next season, Sunwing will increase its direct flights from Quebec as the company has a base of flight crew on site, facilitating operations.

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Air Transat is also increasing its direct flights from Jean Lesage International Airport.

last week, Le Journal revealed that Air Canada has canceled all direct flights south of Quebec For “practical” reasons.

Shortages of pilots and logistical problems are among the main reasons given by the company to justify this decision, which penalizes travelers from Quebec by forcing them to make one or more stops to reach their destination.

“For this coming winter, we have a capacity increase of 9% compared to last winter. We’ve also added a new destination on the Cuban side, with Cayo Largo which will be offered for the first time direct from Quebec,” said Lynn Chaire, general manager of Sunwing Quebec Vacations. “.

Thus, Sunwing will operate 21 direct flights from Quebec to Cuba, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Panama and Roatan Island in Honduras.

Quebec flight crew

Like all airlines, Sunwing hires, but one thing that sets it apart, El-Sayed explained.I Chayer, is that it has an aircrew stationed in Quebec.

“We, the difference is that the airline has had a base in Quebec since 2007. We are the only ones with that base. That means we only have our pilots and flight attendants who operate flights from Quebec. It’s a huge advantage.”

In fact, Sunwing has between 80 and 100 employees during peak season in Quebec.

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Air Canada also has about 100 employees in Quebec, but these employees are assigned to operations “exclusively on the ground,” he confirmed to Newspaper Airline.

“It’s a lot less of a trip for the crew. They land in Quebec and go home right after,” the lady added.I Cheer.

Transat Airlines

For the season about to begin, Air Transat will offer 29 weekly flights south of Quebec City, including six weekly flights to Fort Lauderdale and Orlando. This year, the company added an additional flight per week to Punta Cana and another to Puerto Plata.

“Knowing that our 2023-2024 winter program was announced last May, this in no way implies recent decisions taken by the competition to adjust its schedule,” said Marie-Yves Vallier, spokeswoman for Air Transat.

Unlike Sunwing, Transat does not have a base in Quebec with aircrew.

2023-2024 season

Despite fuel costs and strong international demand for sunny destinations, MI And Cheer confirms that the prices of the packages are similar to last year’s prices.

Courtesy Sun Wing

“People are booking very early this year. A lot of people got paid last year due to lack of availability or prices that were going up instead of going down.”

M added. “When we look at our sales figures, it is clear that we are on the rise compared to last year.”I Cheer.

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