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“Delete it, you’ll be sick less.”

“Delete it, you’ll be sick less.”

“Pro-inflammatory” or “inflammatory” foods overload the pancreas and lead to inflammation in the body.

We talk a lot about anti-inflammatory foods, and less about anti-inflammatory foods Promote inflammation inside the body. However, it is also important to make sure you restrict it daily. “Food causes a The pancreas performs a major digestive process, Dr. Jean-Christophe Charrier explains. Through a cascading phenomenon, when the pancreas is compressed, the vagus nerve connected to it (at the brain level, editor’s note) is also involved, which Increases congestion of body tissues Which produces inflammation and can Promoting long-term inflammatory diseases“. So “If you’re in inflammatory stage, You have to be too Very strict With this diet you will spare the pancreas.” What foods should be avoided?

Acidic foods

“Acidic foods such asOnions and leeks incentivize Production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. If we produce this acid, the pancreas will be forced to produce bicarbonate to digest it, which increases its work.” Other foods that provide acidity : the vinegarthe Red meat (pork, beef, veal, lamb, horse, donkey, deer, wild boar… all four-legged animals).

Dairy products

“He should Remove products that are difficult to digest naturally Like the Cow’s milkNot because of its fat, but because of it Proteins “It requires a lot of enzymes to be digested.” The doctor continues. Therefore, we exclude dairy products (liquids, yogurt, cheese). Including those made from sheep and goat milk. “In our modern diet, especially in France, we eat One dairy product in the morning, one at lunchtime and one in the evening, Every day of the year. And through this we are leads to exacerbation of the inflammatory condition, Dr. Shari warns. However, we will not lack calcium if we eat less, or even more at all, because we have enough of it in the rest of the diet. we It also removes ghee.

“Get rid of the baguette you eat every day.”

Industrial wheat flour

“Flour as it is manufactured today causes additional inflammation in the intestines. This applies to all types of modern wheat flour that are finely ground using mills. In the past it was made with a millstone, the grinding was less fine but we were not in contact with the proteins in the nucleus of the wheat cell which are difficult to digest. Get rid of the baguette you eat every day, and you will be much less bloated and have much fewer inflammatory problems.


the sugar he is in Ban on an anti-inflammatory diet. “There is a diabetes problem but beyond that, it is a problem The metabolic work we overdo when we eat too many sugars. “If you don’t have diabetes, you won’t see the repercussions because the pancreas is working too much but it’s fueling the inflammatory condition.” The specialist warns. Concretely: a must Remove all sources of glucose (White, wholemeal flour, cane sugar, pastries, jams, sweeteners, royal jelly…). Without forgetting the industrial products that all contain sugar. “When you read the label, the foods are arranged according to concentration, and when they are in the same concentration, they are arranged alphabetically. You will see in many products that sugar comes in first or second place.” Dr. Charrier confirms. “If one wants We wean ourselves off sugar, You should first switch to fructose instead of eating glucose, which causes an insulin surge, for example Agave syrup and dark honey (chestnut).”

Black tea, coffee and beer

Other inflammatory foods to avoid : Garlic (plus), black tea, Green, the coffeethere beerFarmed fish. It is the repetition of the diet that promotes congestion Which will exacerbate the inflammation. You can eat an “inflammatory” food just once, and it will have no effect. If you start taking it three times a day, every day of the week continuously, you will run into a problem with nourishing your body. Dr. Shari warns.

“Bronchitis, colds and tonsillitis: put yourself on this diet for 4 days”

This is even more important for patients: “the People suffering from spondyloarthritis, perfect A flare-up of an autoimmune disease Or make a cancer In the acute stage it is necessary Completely eliminate glucose and dairy products, even those found in goat and sheep milkModern wheat flour, cooked fats and red meat. This is also true if you have acute bronchitis, a cold, or a sore throat. For 4 days, put yourself on this diet and You will be sick for less time. Once the cold is over, either eat again randomly and you will make Frequent colds throughout the winter Or reduce inflammatory foods. Last tip : “Whenever possible, eat organic foods, especially meat, eggs, milk, vegetables and fruits.”

Thanks to Dr. Jean-Christophe Charrier, author of the book “Keys to anti-cancer diet, inflammatory, infectious and autoimmune diseases…” With Maryse Sofland-Grossard and Sophie Barczak, Terre Vivante Editions, 2017.

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