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10 Best Coworking Spaces in Montreal to kick off the new school year on the right foot

10 Best Coworking Spaces in Montreal to kick off the new school year on the right foot

If, like many, you are tired of working from home or in cafes that are often very noisy, co-working spaces may appeal to you.

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Coworking spaces are designed to attract students, freelancers, and teams to boost productivity. Make these coworking spaces your desks for the day.

Here are 10 coworking spaces in Montreal to discover:

1. Local Space – Cooperative

In Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, the Local- Espace Collaboratif offers excellent rates. Flexible subscription at $85 per month gives unlimited access to offices, open area, and relaxation areas. Otherwise, you can come in and have a good coffee and sit in the open work area for $12 or $4 an hour.

Discover the packages here

2. Cornelius

Known for its warm service, Le Cornélien wins the hearts of many thanks to its delicious coffee and the place’s tranquility and comfort. You can reserve an unallocated or assigned position, a closed office and conference room. Several packages are available to accommodate all types of workers. Le Cornélien, located on the Quartier des Spectacles, offers a home for the self-employed, freelancers and entrepreneurs just a stone’s throw from the action.

See prices here

6692 Denis St.
1585 Saint Laurent Street.

3. Stop 24-7

Located in the heart of the plateau, Halte 24-7 offers private rooms, meeting spaces and offices to cater to all needs. You can book a free workstation starting at $199 per month. The subscription allows access to two spaces Halte 24-7, the second in Longueuil. Otherwise, for $40 plus tax for a day, you’ll have access to a work station, 2 cups of coffee, and a meal. This offer is applicable to Longueuil only.

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4284 rue de la Roche
1490 Chambly Road

4. Mile End Free Time

At Carré de Gaspé, this public workspace provides offices and professional services for freelancers and small teams, in a bright and pleasant environment. They also offer free trial days. Other than that, monthly rates and flexible packages (1 day pass, weekly pass and 10 entries) are offered.

Come and do your trial day here.

5605 Gaspe Avenue, Suite 106

5. Insiders Cafe

A café and teamwork space, Café Insiders is suitable for people looking to diversify their workplace. Once installed, you’ll pay by the hour ($5 an hour) and can enjoy unlimited drinks and snacks.

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4451 Dennis Street Street

6. Crew Collective & Cafe

The Forbes Magazine The crew group was crowned as the most beautiful co-working space in the world. Located in the building that housed the former headquarters of the Royal Bank of Canada, The Crew offers many options for offices and workplaces. A daily ticket costs $40 and includes coffee, high-speed wifi, and a work station.

Explore the space here

360 St. Jacques Street

7. Collab Café

With on-site décor from IVY Studio, Colab Café is that new place where it’s good to connect and work. The place even offers the possibility to rent a table or a private room.

Book here

6540 Monk Avenue.

8. Anticafe Montreal

L’Anticafé de Montréal attracts clients who want a low-cost co-working experience. The place is cozy and open from 7am to 11pm every day. You will feel at home quickly.

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294 St. Catherine West

9. Summer Islands by Common Area

The “islandsPowered by Aire Commune are free external and shared workspaces. You will find them all over the city. All “islands” are equipped with electricity and fast Wi-Fi. Only negative point: it can only be accessed during the summer, from June to October!

10. Cafe Berko

In Villeray, Café Perko is a specialty place for coffee and co-working. Everything is in place to inspire students and workers to “start” their work. Printers and stationery are available to everyone.

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753 Villeray Street

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