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Death of a "Big Brother" star

Death of a “Big Brother” star

He was considered one of the most beloved stars of the show by “Big Brother” fans all season: former British reality TV contestant Nicki Graham, who suffered from anorexia nervosa, passed away on Friday. He was 38 (he would have been 39 on April 28) and weighed less than 35 kg at the time of his disappearance.

He revealed the problems of anorexia nervosa, which he suffered from an early age, in two autobiographical books, “Dying to Be Thin” (2009) and “Fragile” (2012).

One thing that came to the fore in 2006 was being able to regain some weight after being admitted to each hospital, but each time it started again, selon The Independent.

His relatives did everything they could to help him, including creating a page “GoFundMe” is a gift pool on March 10th Help pay for care.

Private treatment is required

“The basic treatment Nicky received did not work for her, so now her only option is to undergo intensive treatment with precise private treatment,” his friends explained in the explanation, explaining that the monthly bill amounted to 25,000 25,000 (approximately ,000 30,000) per month.

Thirty-one died within a month of the pot being started. All funds raised will be donated to the association, which supports people affected by anorexia, by donating 70,000 (approximately ,000 80,000).

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