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Trump attacks Mitch McConnell in front of donors

Trump attacks Mitch McConnell in front of donors


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The insult to the millionaire was delivered Saturday night during a speech from Mr Trump’s residence in Florida, Indicates The Wall Street Journal.

The former president was furious with his former ally and did not help stop him, he said, adding that the official confirmation of the results of the January 6, November presidential election, he said. Washington Post.

The ballot was won by Democrat Joe Biden, but Mr. Trump insists it is fraud, without evidence.

In February, Donald Trump already announced that Mr. He broke with McConnell by describing him as a “scolling, bad politician” and by insisting that the Republican Party would come out as a loser with such an official among its leaders.

The millionaire, however, worked hand-in-hand with a talented Kentucky senator for four years.

But Mitch McConnell declared him “responsible” for the murderous attack on Capitol Hill in January, saying the rioters did so because “the most powerful man on the planet gave them lies.”

Asked about Donald Trump’s comments, Asa Hutchinson, governor of the Republican Party of Arkansas, acknowledged that his party could have done without this recent controversy.

“Somehow it doesn’t matter what he said, but at the same time, whenever we talk about it, we don’t need it. We need unity to focus together. […]. We have wars to fight, ”he told CNN on Sunday.