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Crisis at SAAQ: Ottawa Police Confirm They Will Cooperate with Quebec Request | SAAQ’s challenging digital transformation

service points leg High traffic due to failed implementation of the digital platform on February 20th legclick.

Since then, the Quebec government has announced several relief measures to resolve the raging crisis at Crown, notably extending the validity period of driver’s licenses and provisional registration certificates.

Ottawa Police Service Vehicle. (file photo)

Photo: The Canadian Press/Justin Tang

the OPS It was said to have been reported to him on Thursday by the Vale di Gatineau Police Service (SPVG). of permits [du Québec] Set to expire between March 6 and June 1, 2023 will be automatically extended to August 29, 2023 in order to catch up on the backlog.

We asked our agents to cooperate at the governorate’s requesthe continues OPS.

there leg Confirms Interventions have been made with other departments to inform them of the situation In an emailed statement on Saturday. The English version of the ministerial order was sent to Ontario, for example.

Quebec drivers who receive tickets for their driver’s license or registration certificate may apply for reimbursement to legconfirms the state-owned company.

If a person has to go outside Quebec for a longer period, for economic reasons (for work, for example), they can go to a service point and they will be processed in priority cases.can we read there.

But the Quebec Trucking Association estimates that it will be difficult to enforce this type of stay outside the province.

Many of the association’s members must renew their registration by March 31.

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As a result, the Quebec Trucking Federation must meet with representatives from leg So is the office of the Minister of Transport and Sustainable Mobility, Genevieve Guilbeult, on Monday.

The CEO, Marc Cadieux, is optimistic and hopes that all parties will find a solution.

it is [notre objectif] Scenario of trying to get all registrations by the 31st Comments Mr. Kadio.

with information from Rosalie Sinclair W by Olivier Daoust