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Scientific and fictional story

Scientific and fictional story

A solar sail would not have seen the light of day had it not been for the astonishing idea of ​​a space voyage: thus begins our voyage of discovery by threading the pages of a famous novel. Its author is no less famous, since he is one of the founding fathers of SF, which one, paying attention to this genre, cannot fail to mention.

In fact, talking at the same time about literature and technological inventions without mentioning them would have come close to the crime of lese-majesté. Adventure novels, amazing machines, new worlds to explore… Do you know who we’re talking about? From Jules Verne of course; This prince of fantasy has fueled exploration imaginations for generations and may have inspired thousands of children (and adults!) to read.

In his novels, the author presents his characters in a world where science is central, sometimes by holding on to the technological reality of the time, often by extrapolating it. From the Earth to the moon (1865) is one such act of anticipation, and we understand it from the story’s title, that it will be a matter of an event decidedly unusual, but possible for the future: here, the first launch of a rocket in the direction from the night star.

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