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Crabony.  The new Atalante space is ready to receive associations

Crabony. The new Atalante space is ready to receive associations

The new collective space at Atalante was officially opened on Saturday 9 September. It now welcomes the corporatist world.

This former martial arts hall, located on Verdun Street, formerly called “Dojo”, was built in 1971. Initially, it housed the school canteen before the Central School was built in 1971. It has been slated for demolition in the shadow of the old building. to delegate.

“It was not within our mandate projects, but we thought that this building, which is very well located, had potential and we decided to renovate it,” confirms Mayor Sandrine Schader. »

The budget allocated to this restoration is €506,000 including taxes, of which €98,000 is covered by Metropolis, as part of the Municipal Aid Fund.

With an area of ​​400 m2, the space includes two large rooms of 110 and 140 m2: one named after Tipaz and the other Miro, two figures who influenced the city.

The daughters of Marcel Thibaz and Georges Miro were present at this opening. The space also has an equipped kitchen and a storage room for associations. It is equipped with new thermal insulation that reduces energy costs thanks to a passive cooling system, without air conditioning but with dual-flow ventilation, a bio-brick wall and adjustable sunshades.

As for the name given to Atalanti, it is a continuation of the names given to other public buildings associated with ancient Greek times: the Iole Space, the Odyssey Media Library, and the Olympia Gymnasium.

Through this name, the municipality intends to identify its desire to give a feminine identity to the naming of municipal facilities, as Atalante was a strong female character in ancient Greece.

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