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Construction strike: Everything is on the table, notes Minister Bollet

Construction strike: Everything is on the table, notes Minister Bollet

About 200,000 construction workers could call a general strike in the next few hours if collective bargaining fails to reach a consensus. But Minister Jean Bouet does not rule out a special law.

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To avoid paralyzing construction sites in Quebec, the Construction Syndicate Alliance suggested that the debate over the use of a mobile app to record workers’ working hours be postponed, a major controversy in these negotiations.

In light of the discussions that took place between the concerned parties in the past days, Minister of Labor Jean Paulette expressed optimism that the strike would be avoided.

There is a will and deep determination to find common ground. I remain confident that the parties have full capacity to come to an understanding and settle collective agreements, ”he stated in an interview with LCN.

Despite everything, the minister does not rule out any option, even if that means having to choose a special law to limit the consequences for the economy.

Nothing is excluded, we are in the context of an economic recovery. Imagine the repercussions on the human level, for example, for everyone who waits for housing units, housing, and homes for the 1he is July, renovating hospitals, schools, building roads and infrastructure security … it all depends on this sector, “notes Mr. Bollet.

If a special law were passed, it would not be the first time that the government had imposed the hand of workers. Quebec resorted to this method in 2013 and in 2017 when negotiations stalled.

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Finally, Minister Jean Bouet did not want to express an opinion on the use of the mobile application in order not to interfere with the process, but said that he was open to appointing an arbitrator if the parties requested it.