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Conor Bedard has already earned his spot in the Ducks locker room (thanks to Teemu Selanne)

Because of his immense talent, Conor Bedard will continue to be talked about until the comeback. And it wasn’t like, after the replay, he wouldn’t be talked about anymore.

Whoever will be at tonight’s CHL Prospects Game is eagerly awaiting bad NHL teams, who are planning the end of the season with that in mind.

of the lottery? There’s the Anaheim Ducks, a team that “don’t scramble,” according to Gary Pittman.

And yesterday, even Teemu Selanne got on the case. While in his former team’s locker room, he posted a video to show that right now, in Anaheim, we do indeed have a place for him.

Ceylan is seen placing a paper with Bédard’s name on an empty locker. It must be said that the locker was placed near many interesting young players from the Ducks, including Trevor Zegras.

Bédard has no say in the case, but his heart must be warmed nonetheless.

Speaking of giving an opinion, it should be noted that although the Ducks are last in the West at the moment, the club doesn’t have the best chance of being drafted overall at the moment.

why? Because the blue jackets are really tough this year.

(Credit: Tankathon)

At the moment, the Canadian remains firmly in seventh place in the lottery, with a 6.5% chance of getting his hands on Conor Bedard with his own pick.

But adding the 3% Panthers, who currently have a chance to be drafted first overall (This was not the case at the beginning of the week), CH in 9.5% of the chances. However, there is still great hockey that can be played to change that.

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