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Colombe St-Pierre is considering leaving the restaurant business

Colombe St-Pierre is considering leaving the restaurant business

Chef Colombe St-Pierre, who has parked her exquisite gourmet restaurant in Rimouski's Peak District, will likely end her career as a restaurateur.

“If I hadn't Bosses!“Last year, I was going to close my restaurant,” the chef-owner of the famous gourmet restaurant Chez Saint-Pierre said Sunday evening in… True nature.

“I don’t see how I’m going to get out of this,” she added, emphasizing the brutality of the restaurant environment. Because despite her reputation, her background, and the prowess of her iconic dishes, she still suffers from the harshness of her environment.

“I still work 19-hour days, and I worked through all three of my pregnancies up until two days after I gave birth, plus a miscarriage…and at some point, it was a bit extreme,” she admitted.

In the coming years, the restaurateur could make a career change, perhaps even jump into politics.

When she set up her gourmet restaurant in Basse-Saint-Laurent, Colombe St-Pierre, who had always had an unconventional spirit, received little encouragement from her peers, confides Jean-Philippe Dion.

“They were wrong that I would fail, but they were right that I would fail,” she said later, laughing.

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