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Jean-François Ziegel improvises on January 22 at Espace Ozone in Carpentra

Jean-François Ziegel improvises on January 22 at Espace Ozone in Carpentra

Would you take a little Jean-François Ziegel again?

Double dose Saturday fun!

A meeting is scheduled for five in the evening. With those who knew improvisation since the age of seven and their beginnings in music (every year – free entry by reservation) and Concert at 8:30 pm. ozone area. improvised pianist par excellence, Jean Francois Ziegel He shares some of his secrets about doing impromptu parties while partying This is a special meeting...

“There is always a moment in a musician’s life when Bach falls on his head…”

and the Concert at 8:30 pm: music boards Inspired by the history, architecture, symbolic places and legends of Carpentera : Discover a tailor-made concert!

Between ingenuity and imagination, Jean-François Ziegl will introduce you to An extraordinary and festive sensory experienceA poetic journey fueled by his emotions and his encounter with the city.

Jean-François Ziegl, improvised composer pianist © Radio France
Frederic Bellot

The famous pianist and composer occupies a unique position in the world of music: He is a recognized master of improvisation, this art of creativity and the moment. His projects combine improvisation, composition and music, with La Seine Musicale, of which he is a co-artist, Orchester National du Capitole de Toulouse, and Philharmonie Luxembourg, where he resides since 2015, as his main home outlets.

Jean-François Ziegel is appreciated by the public for his work in classical music on radio and television, and is also known in France and abroad as one of the best specialists in silent film concerts.

Jean-François Ziegel, Professor of Improvisation
Jean-François Ziegel, Professor of Improvisation © Radio France
Agnes Muller

How do you improvise in music? Where do you find inspiration?

On the piano, speaking with the audience, he will reveal some secrets in this music lesson.

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Jean Francois Ziegel Pianist, composer and teacher of piano improvisation at the National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Paris.

Hosts every Sunday evening France Inter “Proof by Z” at 10:00.

Jean Francois Ziegel It renews the classical concert by opening up improvisation, jazz, world music and dance. argue a lot battles With other improvisers such as Chili Gonzalez, Didier Lockwood, Bobby MacFerrin, Bruno Fontaine, Andy Emler, Antoine Hervey, Yaron Hermann, Dimitri Naiditch …