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CIUSSS is recruiting over a hundred participants

CIUSSS is recruiting over a hundred participants

Health authorities estimate that about 100 beneficiary companion positions need to be filled at the CHSLDs and the Maison des Aînés in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean.

CIUSSS Recruitment Campaign Has Been On Since New Accelerated Training Starts Soon.

Five groups will be formed to follow the three-month training which will start between August and October. It will be given at the Professional Training Centers in Chicoutimi, Alma, Dolbeau-Mistassini and Roberval.

New incentives

New candidates will be able to benefit from an enhanced scholarship. It will go from $9,210 to $12,000. Future graduates must commit to working at CIUSSS for six months at the end of their training, instead of one year.

Candidates must have completed at least the third secondary stage

“We’re looking for people who are motivated to help others, who want to work closely with older people. People also who have teamwork at heart. It’s a very rewarding job and a very fulfilling one. We know it’s demanding work,” said Natalie Moran, Senior Consultant. Workforce Planning at CIUSSS du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, “These people are at the heart of our health network and we need them most.”

good results

Crash training has been around for three years now, and so far the data is encouraging. Nearly 400 people have been enrolled in speed training over the past three years and 85% of them are subsequently hired.

At that time, those who completed their training had to commit for one year. 88% of them completed their commitment and to date, 71% of them are still employed by CIUSSS as beneficiaries.

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This is the case of Guy Tremblay and Mélanie Gagné who are currently working at CHSLD in Métabetchouan. They are respectively from the first and second cohorts. They both made the decision to completely change their careers over the past few years.

They assert that the appreciation and gratification they receive from their elders each day gives them the will to continue on this path.

“When we go to bed, we thank you, we smile. He asks us if we’ll be there the next day. That’s what really makes us want to come and take care of them, they need people to take care of them,” Melanie Jani said.

“It just made me want to go back to work,” Guy Tremblay added. This fun has been lost in recent years. There I come to work, even on weekends I find it pleasant to come to work.

Those interested in taking the accelerated training have until mid-August to submit their application at

Then the selection process will begin. At the moment, nearly 150 people have submitted their applications and the CIUSSS hopes that the enthusiasm will continue, because the needs are increasing, especially in the Dolbeau-Mistassini and Roberval sectors.