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Cities in America were invaded by thousands of twirlers

Cities in America were invaded by thousands of twirlers

This phenomenon, common in the region but rare in its proportions, has been exacerbated by strong winds that have affected the region in recent days.

A landscape worthy of a Clint Eastwood film. For several days now, several towns in the US state of Utah have been the scene of a particular invasion: following violent winds that hit the area, they saw hundreds of them. TumbleweedsFrench for twirlers, these straw balls move with the wind.

Among the worst affected cities was southern Jordan, where roads were blocked and houses and cars buried. According to GuardianSome of these twirlers can reach three meters in height.

“We already have some TumbleweedsBut there is nothing like that,” a local told KSL Media. “Fortunately, it's something we can manage,” Town Hall Communications Manager Rachel Van Cleave told the same media outlet.

A few hours after these straw invaders arrived, the city was hit by snow.

A common phenomenon

These are Tumbleweeds, these are actually piles of withered and windblown brambles, a first for America. In 2020, in Washington state, truckers were trapped under the same type of balls, approximately five meters in diameter.

In 2018, a similar event caused the shutdown of Victorville, California. In 2016, an invasion known as the “hairy panic” hit Australia.

Highly educated people

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