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Christy has doubts about Hailey

Christy has doubts about Hailey

a Public opinion poll Results produced by the University of New Hampshire for CNN and published on Tuesday indicate that Nikkei is just 7 percentage points behind Donald Trump in this state, which will hold a primary on January 23. The former governor of South Carolina received 32% of voting intentions, compared to 39% for the former president. In the same poll, Chris Christie received 12% voting intentions, three-quarters of which would have gone to Haley if he had not been in the race. Hence the age-old question: Why doesn't he end his run for the Republican Party's presidential nomination in 2024 in order to help the candidate who appears to have the best chance of stopping Trump?

Christie answered that question Tuesday night by offering a new argument. He does not intend to endorse Haley until she clearly announces that she will not accept a place on the Republican ticket as Trump's running mate. He added: “I would be happy to walk away from someone who is actually running against Donald Trump.” He responded The former governor of New Jersey spoke to voters about the need to unite around one candidate who can beat Trump.

“Why do we think she'll hit him?” Christie added that she is not trying to get over him. Let's say I drop out of the race and support Nikki Haley. And in three or four months, when she's ready to go to the convention, she could become Trump's vice presidential nominee. How will I look? What will everyone who supported her with my request look like? »

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Christie said he will stay in the race as long as he sees a chance to win the Republican nomination. Perhaps he is the only one who sees this possibility. Which doesn't mean he's not right about Hailey.

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