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Christian Dube will visit Drummondville Hospital

Christian Dube will visit Drummondville Hospital

After being invited on several occasions to attend and observe the state of neglect in the building, Health Minister Christian Dube will visit the Drummondville Hospital, in the center of Quebec, in the coming days.

It was the minister himself who confirmed this information on Wednesday on the sidelines of the opening of the preliminary conference of the Coalition for the Future of Quebec (CAQ) held in Sherbrooke.

“I want to tell the people of Drummondville that they are on the list and we will be visiting them in the coming days,” Mr Dube said.

During the last election campaign, the Coalition for the Future of Quebec committed to including the new hospital project in the Plan du Québec Infrastructure (PQI) by the end of its term.

However, local elected officials, the business community and hospital staff are calling for the project to be registered in 2024.

But the Minister of Health avoided making this commitment: “We are looking.” The PQI will be determined at the same time as the budget.

The Minister responsible for the Central du Québec region and representative for Johnson, André Lamontaigne, believes that Minister Dube's visit is a step in the right direction.

“For Mr Dube to come to the scene to observe visually, this is certainly another gesture to reinforce this whole approach,” he noted.

“It is never fast enough, but we are making every effort necessary. “Now it is about the budget, we are working on that and making our appeals accordingly,” commented Sebastian Schneeberger, CAQ MP for Drummond-Bois-Franks.

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