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China tests revolutionary technology from space – La Nouvelle Tribune

China tests revolutionary technology from space – La Nouvelle Tribune

While the world is barely coping with its ingenuity 5Gthere China Surprises by opening a new chapter in the history of communications with its bold initiative to experiment 6 grams from space. China Mobile, the global telephone operator giant, has launched a satellite dedicated to this revolutionary technology, heralding the future of terrestrial and satellite communications. This progress represents a major milestone in the race toward technological innovation.

at the time 5G China is still struggling for full deployment in many countries, and is positioning itself as a leader in the next era of communications. In fact, the launch of this experimental satellite confirms the Asian country's firm commitment to research and development in the field of advanced technologies.

Placed in low orbit, at altitude 500 kmThis satellite portends a future where global communication will be faster and more seamless than ever before. In fact, thanks to its proximity to Land, It promises near-instantaneous data transfers and increased reliability, paving the way for previously unimagined applications in the areas of IoT and mixed reality.

This ambitious initiative is part of a long-term vision, while the first commercial deployment of 6G networks is not expected to take place for several years. However, it highlights the critical importance of space exploration in the development of future communications technologies.

In addition to its innovative aspect in the field of communications, this experimental satellite also has a strategic dimension for China. Indeed, by getting ahead of the race to 6G, the country is strengthening its position as a technology leader on the global stage and underscoring its desire to shape the planet's digital future.