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Chez Boulay reimagines the neighborhood grocery store

Chez Boulay reimagines the neighborhood grocery store

“We have reconsidered the way we operate, reorganized the counter. Our offer has really changed, says Chef and Co-Owner Arnaud Marchand. We continue to develop by emphasizing on the local producers we like to work with, on our favourites. »

Ultimately, the ready-to-eat offering will be larger and richer in Quebec produce, we’re assured. We’re thinking game lasagna, crusted lobster, scallops, mussels, smoked herring, quail, Toulouse sausages and chipolatas, etc. Without forgetting fruits from Quebec, jungle nuts, Labrador tea, oils, northern spices, as well as ready meals prepared in the kitchens of Chez Boulay.

“We dream of making people want to buy from Quebec and giving them the tools to do so. In this period of shake-up of the economy, it is important to know the impact of eating local, saving real and making the right choices.

Arnaud Marchand, chef-owner

“We want our customers to find products that set us apart. We want to be a major asset to them by offering recipe cards and even videos to explain how to cook the Quebec products they find here,” continues Mr. Marchand.

The most delicious pastries and pastries from Comptoir boréal.
Among the desserts offered at Comptoir boréal is a chocolate eclair.

For the Comptoir boréal trade division, we will continue to offer sandwiches, salads, pastries, pastries, etc. The goal is to “make available the flavors of Quebec Terroir”.

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The idea is to “add tailor-made products to make our offering special,” says the restaurateur. Our mission is to develop brand and partnerships with local producers for our customers. In some cases, we are willing to sell at cost to make that happen.”


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A brown sauce is served on a plate containing meat and vegetables.