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Cervical cancer screening: Belgian specialists condemn the planned change

Cervical cancer screening: Belgian specialists condemn the planned change

About a dozen Belgian pathologists said in an open letter that they denounced the federal government’s planned change to cervical cancer screening. “In 2024, Belgium will move from cytology testing to human papillomavirus (HPV) testing in primary screening for cervical cancer in women aged 30 to 65 years,” wrote the professionals, who advocate in favor of combined testing, or a combination. Of the two ways. .

According to pathologist at AZ Sint-Blasius Hospital in Dendermond, Romarek Croes, Belgium is a leader in cervical cancer screening. She owes this position to the development of the cellular method. However, the federal government has decided to switch to HPV testing as early as 2024, based on an “old” report from the federal Center for Healthcare Expertise (KCE) published in 2015.

A study conducted by Quest Diagnostics showed that at least one in five cases of cervical cancer were not detected by HPV testing alone. Adding cytological screening would make it possible to detect 70% of these cases after that”. Mr. Cross noted.

Independent study Conducted by the Aquarius Health Institute in the same direction. This also shows that the combined test can detect more cancers than the HPV test alone in the initial screening.

“As specialists in this field, we once again insistently call on our political decision-makers not to ignore these arguments, but to take them seriously and reconsider their decision. This is for the health of our women and therefore all Belgians, who deserve the effective use of our public resources, especially in Current budget context.

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