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CEOs have suggested adding a timer (as is done in the NBA)

CEOs have suggested adding a timer (as is done in the NBA)

I don’t know about you, but I personally love the 3v3 overtime system. It brings a good dose of spectacle, the best offensive players have space to let their talents shine, and there’s constant action.

I guess you better love overtime when you have the master, Cole Caufield, in the uniform of your favorite team.

However, even if the format is really interesting, there are still some problems. We see men more often turn around To maintain possession of the ball and tire out the opposing team, but it also has the effect of slowing down the pace of the game.

It is clear that the league wants to address this problem. During the GMs meeting in Toronto, they discussed some ideas to try to add more excitement to the 3 on 3. The idea of ​​seeing guys unable to get back beyond the red line was brought up, but it’s in particular that of the shooting timer that draws attention.

In fact, the concept is similar to the famous one Fire hour We can see this in the NBA right now: once a team has possession of the puck, it will have a certain number of seconds to attempt a shot, otherwise it will lose the ball.

I imagine there will be a showdown if the clock runs out, because we can’t simply give the puck back to the other team like we can give the puck back to the other team in basketball.

Obviously there are some details to be worked out, but I admit that I am not completely against the idea. I still think the idea of ​​a red line is best at preserving the essence of the sport, but imagine the tension that would occur if a breakaway player like Caufield found himself on the ball, with a second or two left in the game. off the puck and had to shoot the ball.

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It would bring a little “build-up” and a real sense of urgency, anyway.

As for the red line idea, it might also be a good idea to set the blue line as a maximum. With or without a timer, because it is also possible to combine the two ideas.

In short, we’ll see if the idea sticks, but across the league, it seems like we really want to find a way to improve the 3v3 scene, which is far from bad already. So this will continue.

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