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Carpenter's has long been a success for Australia

Carpenter's has long been a success for Australia

Ellie Carpenter with Australia against Denmark at the 2023 World Cup

Ellie Carpenter with Australia against Denmark during the 2023 World Cup (Photo by FRANCK FIFE / AFP)

In qualifying for the Olympic Games, Ellie Carpenter's Australia beat Uzbekistan (0-3) mostly. Decision reached at the end of the meeting.

During this international break in February many phenots play high-stakes tournaments. This is especially true for Ellie Carpenter. With Australia, the defender is playing for her place at the 2024 Olympics in France. To qualify, the Australians must defeat Uzbekistan in a doubleheader.

A pioneer, The The Matildas There is a way to escape from the trap of this dam. They proved this in the first round this Saturday. Although it has been a long time since they won, they scored three goals in the last minutes (73, 84, 86) to win 3-0. For its part, the Olympique Lyonnais side played the game almost completely. She came out in injury time.

A score good enough for the last World Cup semi-finalists to quietly consider a return match. It will be held in Melbourne on Wednesday February 28 at 10am.

This time we saw other internationals in the OL among the youngsters. Called up for a friendly, five Rhone players are currently in the French U19 squad. Fenotz beat England 3-2 this Saturday, including two goals from Charlene Cutlery And Vasa Shankare. The next meeting is against Sweden on Tuesday.