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Cane works: a returning Quebec tradition!

Cane works: a returning Quebec tradition!

When you think of canning, you might think of your grandmother, but canning is a practice that is regaining popularity.

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The world is returning to tradition. “Working with bamboo is a Quebec tradition that we have somewhat lost,” says Carlos Barbosa of Charcuterie Campagnard at the Marché des Jardiniers in La Prairie.

Not only is the benefit of saving money, but “we can preserve the foods we eat in Quebec so we can [consommer] “All year round,” he adds.

Other products, such as squash, do not need canning because they remain edible for a long time.

“Just place it in a dry place and away from light,” says our expert.

This is also the case for onions, leeks, French leeks and carrots in particular.

To preserve fruits and vegetables longer, consider making jam or “freezing them as is.”

Learn how to prepare beets in the video above.

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