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Canadians visiting the United States must meet a number of requirements

Canadians visiting the United States must meet a number of requirements

Passengers entering and returning to Canada must verify that they are allowed to enter the country and that they meet all entry requirements before crossing the border.

From November 8, the United States will again allow fully vaccinated Canadian travelers to enter land and boat entry ports for non-essential reasons such as tourism.

The Canada Border Services Agency reminded travelers to be aware of their responsibilities when planning their trip.

Residents of Canada can check the source of the COV-19 vaccine with their province or region to facilitate their return to Canada.

The waiting time at passenger entry points may be longer due to public health measures.

QMI Agency Archive Photo, Mario Purecord

Passengers who have been fully vaccinated must undergo mandatory COVID-19 molecular testing prior to arrival and submit mandatory information, including digital proof of vaccination using the free ArriveCAN tool and the free ArriveCAN tool in English or French. It took them 72 hours to arrive in Canada.

Antigen tests, often called “rapid tests”, are not acceptable.

For short trips of less than 72 hours, Canadians, Indian legal registrars, permanent residents and protected persons traveling to the United States are allowed to undergo pre-test molecular testing before leaving Canada.

If they have been tested for more than 72 hours before returning to Canada, they must undergo a molecular screening test prior to a new arrival in the United States.

Passengers who have not been vaccinated or have been partially vaccinated, who are permitted to enter Canada, must meet the pre-arrival, arrival and 8th day molecular test requirements for Covit-19 and comply with 14 days.

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