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Can you vaccinate at the same time?

Can you vaccinate at the same time?

If I have already been vaccinated against Covid-19, am I protected from influenza? ? “.” Should there be a time between the two vaccinations? “.” If I have a contact case, can I get a flu vaccination? “…so many questions raised by simultaneous vaccination campaigns against influenza and Covid-19. Here are the answers.

If I have had Covid recently, am I immune to the flu?

Fever, fatigue, sore throat … Even if the symptoms of influenza and Covid-19 are very similar, the two diseases are very different and belong to two different families. So Covid-19 antibodies do not protect against the influenza virus…and vice versa.

I have COVID or influenza, should I wait before vaccinating?

If you have Covid, it is best to wait until the end of the isolation period and have no symptoms at the time of the seasonal influenza vaccination. If you have the flu: Wait until you are cured. Your GP can advise you when you can receive the vaccination against Covid-19.

What if you are in contact?

If you do not have symptoms, there is nothing to prevent you from getting the flu shot. Just be sure to respect barrier gestures, particularly wearing a mask, and take a screening test two days after your last contact with the sick person, to make sure you’re negative.

If I was recently vaccinated against Covid, should I wait before injecting the flu?

There is no set time limit between the two vaccinations. Moreover, let’s not forget that it is entirely possible to administer vaccines against Covid-19 and against seasonal influenza at once. In this case, the vaccines will be given in two different sites (eg one injection in each shoulder).

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