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Can iOS 17.1 show bank account balances in the UK… before the EU?

Can iOS 17.1 show bank account balances in the UK… before the EU?

iOS 17.1 is available Implemented a new function Very practical for customers of many British banks: they can enable the display of their bank account balance directly in the Cards app, as well as a history of recent transactions. It’s not default, but if they want and their bank allows, they can enable the new feature in the Cards app. This is a UK-exclusive feature and affects at least six national banks in the first beta: Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds, RBS, Monzo and Starling.

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The whole difficulty of such a feature is communicating with the bank servers to get the information. Apple didn’t sign individual contracts with each brand, the company used a common API that all major British banks had to use for years. This common ground is very practical for building such operations and we can imagine that other banks in the UK will soon support Cartes.

Could similar activity come to other countries, including France? From 2018, the European Union requires that access to bank accounts be possible through an API. However, the PSD2 directive does not go as far as British law by not imposing a common API on all banks. It may come, but in the meantime, Apple is unlikely to have fun consolidating each European country’s banks one by one.

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