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Brendan Fraser: Americans just found out they've been pronouncing his name forever but we in Quebec get it right

Brendan Fraser: Americans just found out they’ve been pronouncing his name forever but we in Quebec get it right

In the long list of articles we never thought we would have to write one day, we can add this one.

So, believe it or not, Brendan Fraser’s American buddies (who overwhelmingly speak English) can’t pronounce his surname correctly, while French-speaking Quebecers don’t have that problem.

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This amazing discovery was made after we watched the video Actors over actors from the magazine variety Where Adam Sandler and Brendan Fraser meet to discuss a variety of topics and we read an article from before buzzfeed In the subject.

First, let’s get something straight: In Quebec, we pronounce Frasier correctly.

Perhaps because we all knew, during the eighties, the excellent referee Kerry Fraser…

QMI agency

Perhaps because we have, in our geography, the Fraser River, Fraser Lakes, and Fraser Falls…

Screenshot/Google Maps

Some of us also know that there is a river called the Fraser in British Columbia.

Screenshot/Google Maps

In short, we are very familiar with the nickname Fraser.

In fact, we’re more familiar with the surname Fraser than the surname Frasier, which isn’t necessarily the case in the United States.

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First, one of the most popular sitcoms of the 90’s (itself derived from one of the most popular Comedy series Eighties: cheers) It was called Fraser.

And there was a legendary boxer, a longtime rival of Muhammad Ali named Joe Frazier.

New York Daily News via Getty Images

So our neighbors to the south may have gotten used to hearing Fraser with an “i” in it rather than Fraser without an “i” in it, unlike us.

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In the interview between Sandler and the actorEncino Manthe latter teaching his interlocutor the correct way to pronounce his surname, insisting that it rhyme with “moose” (“moose” in English).

Screenshot / YouTube

Later in the interview, when Sandler mispronounced it again, Frasier gave him a razor wave to point out his mistake.

Screenshot / YouTube

And he added, “Uh, damn it. No one ever says my name correctly.”

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Many American netizens on the free speech social network, Twitter, were surprised to realize that, their entire lives, they had said a translated name. George of the Jungle.

So here it is. If you’re still skeptical about the concept of a “privileged society” in Quebec, know that we are different even in our way of saying the name of a representative Whale.

See also the bag of chips:

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