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Genevieve Schmidt looks back on her recent breakup

Genevieve Schmidt was recently present at the film’s premiere Bungalowin which she has one of the main roles, which opens April 7.

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Two days later, she was scheduled to leave for the Dominican Republic, as part of her new term as the narrator for the third season of Love Island. “I’ll be there for just over three days, and as of April 8th, I’ll be in the studio in Montreal to narrate the first episode.” After Love Island, Genevieve will continue to shoot new episodes of STAT At the end of July. This daily life has also allowed him to make some very precious new friends. “Patrick Labe, in particular, is accompanying me this evening. These friendships have helped me overcome personal problems. I refer to my parting. I am no longer with Daniel Corbyn. I meet people who are in love, open, loyal, hardworking – via STAT Among other things. I consider myself spoiled.” Her split dates back to “a few months” and she was in a relationship with Daniel Corbin for nearly three years.

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