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B'nai B'rith condemns the swastika at the Montreal ice rink

B’nai B’rith condemns the swastika at the Montreal ice rink

B’nai Brith Canada is appalled that several swastikas have been carved into the snow-covered ice of A community skating rink on the island of Montreal.

On Tuesday evening, a member of the Jewish community visited the outdoor skating rink in Danylock Park in Ville-Mont-Royal, a suburb of the island of Montreal. The video I reviewed in B’nai B’rith shows no fewer than four swastikas on the roof of the rink.

B’nai B’rith reported the incident to the Hate Crimes Unit of the Montreal Police Service (SPVM) and to Mount Royal Mayor Peter Maloof. Immediately respond by opening an investigation. To this day, the perpetrators remain unidentified.

“It is disconcerting to see the skating rink, such an essential symbol of Canadian identity and winter fun attracting children and families to be contaminated with symbols of hate,” B’nai Brith Canada CEO Michael Mustaine said in a press release.

The latter believes that this hateful act of anti-Semitism should be condemned by all.

“We hope that the perpetrators will be identified and held accountable,” he added.

Tuesday’s incident is far from the first anti-Semitic outrage involving sports facilities in Canada. In August, participants in a Toronto-area Jewish baseball league found a swastika drawn in the sand at a baseball field where they were due to play.

In May 2021, there was an unprecedented wave of violent anti-Semitic incidents across Canada. According to B’nai Breath Canada, the number recorded during that month is the highest since the annual audit of anti-Semitic incidents began in 1982.