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Bleached hair: Biden mocks Trump

Bleached hair: Biden mocks Trump

Joe Biden, visibly moved by the enthusiastic reception he received at a campaign event on Wednesday, mocked rival Donald Trump and his hair, recalling a startling statement from the Republican at the time of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Remember, when he was trying to manage Covid, he suggested injecting a little bleach into his veins,” the 81-year-old Democrat in Washington recalled to a gathering of health sector unionists who had called him. To vote for him in November.

The American President continued with a chuckle: “He missed it, everything went to his hair!”

During a White House press conference on April 23, 2020, Donald Trump raised eyebrows in the scientific community when he appeared to consider treating COVID-19 by injecting disinfectants.

“I see the disinfectant knocking it out in a minute. minute. And is there a way to do something like this by injection inside or almost like cleaning?,” he asked, after a presentation by a senior official covering, among other things, the use of bleach to clean surfaces.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump are both candidates for the presidential election in November, as they were four years ago.

The political rivalry between the two men is coupled with a personal animosity that neither of them seeks to hide.

The 77-year-old Republican businessman regularly impersonates the man he calls “Sleepy Joe,” pretending to become completely disoriented on stage, or starting to stutter.

For his part, the 81-year-old Democrat mocked the financial problems of his legal opponent, whom he called “Broke Don.”