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Big Storm Before Christmas: ‘Everybody’s Gonna Taste It’

Big Storm Before Christmas: ‘Everybody’s Gonna Taste It’

Icy roads, power outages and high winds: the weather will be far from calm in the days leading up to Christmas.

“It’s a big storm, really. It’s a storm that will intensify quickly and will head directly towards the northeast of the continent,” Jean-Philippe Begin, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, explains in an interview with TVA Nouvelles.

Hence, a mixture of precipitation, coupled with strong to violent winds, is supposed to hit the entire province from Thursday evening, making travel difficult.

In Southern Quebec, we risk having it all. First a strong east wind with snow with the potential for freezing rain, before everything turns to rain, before everything turns to snow with westerly winds and temperatures dropping. “, the meteorologist sums up.

If the areas north of the St. Lawrence River are to receive less rain, we should still expect tough road conditions.

“Basically, what you have to remember is the tough road conditions wherever you are in Quebec, gradually from the moment it starts to rain,” says Jean-Philippe Begin.

“In snow, poor visibility, potentially icy roads in both freezing rain and behind when the mercury drops,” he says.

Listen to Guillaume Lavoie’s interview with Patrick De Bellefeuille, weather presenter at MÉTÉO MEDIA and climate change expert at QUB Radio :

The meteorologist also warns that power outages could occur across the county.

This major storm will happen when many motorists hit the road to join their families for the holidays.

It is therefore important to plan your trips and keep up with the weather forecasts in order to travel safely and avoid unpleasant surprises.

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