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Biden and Trump campaign in Georgia, a potentially crucial state

Biden and Trump campaign in Georgia, a potentially crucial state

(Washington) – Less than 12,000 votes apart in 2020: Joe Biden and Donald Trump are campaigning Saturday in Georgia, a Southern state that the Democratic president narrowly won and that could be decisive again this year.

Joe Biden, in the spirit of a particularly feisty speech to Congress on Thursday, is scheduled to head to Atlanta to mobilize African American and Hispanic voters.

His campaign manager, Julie Chavez Rodriguez, announced in a press statement that “the stakes of this election could not be higher” for these voters, welcoming the support of three “political action committees” linked to these communities.

“Political action committees” are investment funds, tied to a candidate, party or broader cause, that intervene in all US elections. Their role is crucial in the current presidential campaign, which has been declared the most expensive in history.

Biden's camp is recruiting aggressively and just announced spending $30 million on TV ads.

The first of them began filming on Saturday on national channels and in states expected to be hotly contested: Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, Nevada and North Carolina.

Donald Trump, who will be the Republican Party's nominee against Joe Biden in November, barring any surprises, is scheduled to deliver a speech to his supporters at 5 p.m. (Eastern time) in Georgia.

Surrounded by legal proceedings, the 77-year-old businessman is accused of, among other things, trying to tip the results of the 2020 election in this state in his favor.

The American electoral system does not mean that the majority of votes is what matters at the national level, but rather in each state.

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In 2020, Joe Biden beat Donald Trump, more or less easily, in the majority of “swing states,” the battleground states. These states include Georgia, as well as Michigan and Wisconsin, where he will head next week.

So far, polls give Donald Trump the advantage in almost all the swing states.