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Benjamin Gratton announces sad and good news

Benjamin Gratton announces sad and good news

As he celebrates his 22nd birthday today, Benjamin Gratton and his adorable dad Matteo Gratton are posting a video on social media to provide some news.

In doing so, we learn that Benjamin Gratton is no longer in a relationship with the young woman he has been seeing for several months. We’ve seen them together here.

We are still best friends », but Benjamin specifies, explaining that he did not cry after the separation.

Moreover, he announces big news, which is a big step in his life.

In fact, Benjamin will live alone in an apartment for a month, just to check if he is ready to experience this transformation.

From what we understand in the video, which you can see below, this trip will be documented by his father, with the idea of ​​making a documentary.

Benjamin is very happy with this new stage, and we congratulate him on it.

Remember that he created a wonderful moment of emotion in Jimmo, by appearing on stage with Antoine Parent-Bedard. Details about this here. This is also discussed in the video below.

Note that we can still occasionally see Benjamin in the series STAT, where he plays the son of the character played by Genevieve Schmidt.

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