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Belgium closes its airspace to Russian Airlines

Belgium closes its airspace to Russian Airlines

After Finland, Denmark, Poland and even Germany, Belgium also closes its airspace to all Russian companies.

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Belgian Prime Minister Alexandre de Croo said on Twitter on Sunday that Belgium would close its airspace to Russian aircraft. ” The skies of Europe We have an open sky. It is open to those who bind people together and not to those who seek to brutally abuse them.โ€did he say.

For his part, the Federal Minister for Mobility, George Gilkennett, wrote on Twitter that Europe ” Russia must isolate economically and financially but also in the air.โ€. ” We are coordinating with our European colleagues on this matter.โ€. ” This is a political decision. It is now up to the General Directorate of Air Transport to implement it ยปA spokesman for Minister Gilkennett said, without being able to say when the measure would be in effect. ” Decisions are also being taken at the European level to ban Russian aircraft from flying over the entire territory of the Old Continent.he added.

Finland, Denmark, Romania, Estonia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Germany had announced earlier that they would close their airspace to Russian aircraft. So Russian air traffic finds itself facing a very large no-fly zone in Europe, forcing flights to the West into massive detours.

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