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Avignon: exhibition of light, space and time

Avignon: exhibition of light, space and time

Kinetic art, light installations, video art, films, robotics, interactive works…

With: Elias Crispin, Felicie d’Etienne Dorves, Olivier Ratzi, Adrien Luca, Etienne Ray, Antoine Schmidt, B. Lange, Anne-Sarah Le Muir, Santiago Torres, Lapp (Australia), Justin Emard, Ronan Barrott-Ruby Barat, Maurice Benayoun and Nico De no fi.

Light, space and time

From October 9. to December 19. 2021

Atake in Salt – Avignon

14 artists, 35 works,

The Lumière Espace Temps Gallery brings together 14 contemporary artists in honor of Nicholas Schaufer*, Pioneer in electronic and electronic arts.

Paying homage to this visual genius through film screenings and visual experiences, the exhibition reflects the secret link that binds him to an entire generation of artists, at the crossroads of technology and science.

They all share a fascination with this proactive spirit that finds a new theme in the age of digital cultures: the search in time and space through light movements (Félicie d’Estienne d’Orves, Etienne Rey, Anne-Sarah Lemeur, Adrien Lucca, Olivier Ratsi) For kinetic vibrations and expansions of work in space (B Lang, Lab[au]Elias Crispin), Programmed works or in real time (Antoine Schmidt, Maurice Benayon, Barat Barrault, Santiago Torres) The interaction between machine and human (Justin Emard, Nico de la Fay).

This exhibition is presented in saltedHistoric monument, restored Jean-Michel Wilmot Today it is dedicated to new forms of artistic expression, those that link art, science and technologies in the contemporary world.

There is Grenier à sel thanks to fEndowment Funds from EDIS, a public benefit organization set up by charitable sponsor Regis Rocket Its mission is to support and disseminate emerging artistic practices.

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Some artists of choice:

Elias CrispinVenezuelan artist living in Paris, a major figure in contemporary creativity, Elias Crispin aligns kinetic art with a form of visual poetry rendered by the use of the latest technology. Ripple with its red circles in plexiglass, the work “Circular Initiation” takes us on a ballet of celestial bodies, whose rhythms and shapes enhance contemplation and contemplation.
FÉLICIE D’ESTIENNE D’ORVESAn artist favored by light, Félicie d’Estienne d’Orves invites us to look beyond or above our earthly horizon. Among the works on display at Grenier à sel, the Martian Sun series, made of elegant bas-reliefs in patterned paper, addresses the topography of three sites on Mars, with illumination whose intensity reproduces in real time the rising sun over the sea’s horizon for each of the sites. Let’s see also: Second Eclipse, Sun (8′) and 2 works from the series light stallion.
LAB (Australia)Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Brussels, LAb[au], Architecture and Town Planning Lab, is a multidisciplinary art studio made up of architects and multimedia designers. Presents in Grenier-style action from the series The art of cutting and shaping paper : The work of a programmer whose colorful faces fold and unfold in a random way, captivating our eyes with the mysterious rhythm of their forms, between appearing and disappearing.
Etienne RayEtienne Rey’s work explores the concept of space, which questions its multiple dimensions by constructing moving or static forms that capture light and reflect their environment. Presented at Grenier à sel Hall, air A kinetic sculpture whose glass panels display a play of colored lights on the walls, drawing an eerie ballet according to the air motions caused by the passing audience.

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Police station: Véronique Baton, in precious collaboration with Éléonore de Lavandeyra Schöffer who will support this project until the end of a remarkable existence and is committed to furthering her husband’s work.

* Major artist of the second half of the twentieth century, Grand Prix of the 34th Venice Biennale 1968, Nicholas Schaufer He was one of the pioneers of cyber art, electronic arts and above all confrontations between artistic disciplines. A researcher, thinker, and visual artist, he was one of the first to marry art and technology, reinventing creative processes and exploring new ways of them that paved the way for multiple contemporary artistic experiences.Paying homage to this visual genius through film screenings and visual experiences, the exhibition reflects the secret link that binds him to an entire generation of artists, at the crossroads of technology and science.

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Light, space and time

From October 9 to December 19, 2021

free entry

sea ​​salt

2 rue du Rempart Saint-Lazare – 84000 Avignon – 04 32 74 05 31