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Author of All Life pays tribute to the talent and generosity of Roy Dupuy

Author of All Life pays tribute to the talent and generosity of Roy Dupuy

It is with great sadness that we learned on Tuesday the end of the series foreverWritten by Daniel Trotier. See when this series ends here.

The writer received many messages from viewers on social media following the announcement and responded to many of them via Twitter.

She also took the opportunity to pay tribute to the actors and actresses of the series, including Roy Dupuy.

You write to a fan: Roy is wonderful. He was very generous with his colleagues. It makes everyone want to be better! ».

Then, when a lady points out that Roy Dupuy is arrogant in his interpretation, it is all in nuance, the author points out: ” Very good said! He was a huge inspiration in his silence. I chose each of his words to let his natural talent work. He embodies the archetype of a guy we want to rub shoulders with. I had this opportunity. »

When some suggest that the end of the series is a disgrace to the actors who played it, the screenwriter answers this question: “ These talents will definitely serve other stories ».

So we can hope to see some faces forever In the author’s next series, which she is currently developing with Fabien Laroche.

We can’t wait to see what the excellent Danielle Trottier has in store for us next…

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