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Australian Botany Championship 2022 in Adelaide

Australian Botany Championship 2022 in Adelaide

The Easter weekend, the Australian Botany Championship was held in Adelaide. An important event that guides us to discover the world of Botany in Australia.

We met with Jonathan Kiddings, President of the Novar Gardens Bowling and Botany Club, which hosts the championship, and Jeff Langdon, Secretary and Director of Communications of the Botanic Federation of Australia.

We are so far away from France that it may come as a surprise to strangers to discover the Botany Championship in Australia. Can you say more about the Botany Federation?

France has great influence in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, with many members from Mauritius, New Caledonia, Vietnam and of course France.

Petanque Federation Australia (PFA) is responsible for the direction, management, management and development of the sport in Australia nationally. The PFA is a member of the F Interndration Internationale de Pétanque et Jeu Provençal (FIPJP) and the FIPJP’s Oceanian Confederation.

The federation supports member clubs and state leagues to promote and promote the game.

We have about 1800 members and 59 clubs across Australia.

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What is the profile of your bowlers? What is the proportion of French language compared to other countries? Who can join the Pettank Club?

The number of male bowlers is slightly higher than that of females and the difference is small. There are two types of competitions, the “open” one with no classification based on gender and the competition where men and women play in separate categories.

The age groups of our players are very large with a dominance of over 50s.

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Francophony certainly exists, but many Australians take Botany seriously.

Anyone can join a Bettank Club, a sport that is socially important, cheap and does not play physical strength. Some players are very attached to the competitive aspect, but many play for fun.

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What suggestions would you make for people who like to play Botany?

Choose the same !!! There is nothing that can stop you. Whether you are a casual player or a fierce competitor you will meet new friends and have a happy time.

Petanque offers social stimuli, friendly fun, exciting challenges and intense competition, depending on the position you want to play.

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Does this championship seem like a very important event? Can you tell me more? Is it still in Adelaide or does it change every year?

This championship is an important event that brings together clubs across Australia. There are also state, interstate and national competitions. The national championship is organized by the same club for three consecutive years and then switches to another club.

Perth and surrounding areas are important 6 Botany Clubs.

Bouleroos: Petanque Federation of Australia Combines 59 clubs in Australia

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A little reminder for neophytes

Botanque (also known as bowls) is a goal game in which participants throw metal balls as close as possible to a small wooden ball, called a pineapple or jack, standing in a circle, with both feet on the ground. The game is usually played on clay or gravel. It can be practiced in public places, parks or special facilities called bowling alleys.

Pétanque rules are simple, can be learned in minutes, and a newcomer can play immediately without being “taught” to him; If you want to become a successful player, it is strategic and complex and difficult to master.

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