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Australia compensates for the “stolen generation” who were abducted from their families

Australia compensates for the “stolen generation” who were abducted from their families

There were only a few months when some were torn from their parents ’hands. Sometimes they never saw them again. Between 1910 and 1970, tens of thousands of aboriginal children, or aborigines, but also the people of the Torres Strait Islands between Australia and New Guinea were abducted from their homes to white companies or foster families. As part of official integration policies. On Thursday, August 5, following a lengthy mobilization of the “stolen generation”, the Australian government announced that it would provide compensation to thousands of victims.

“I would like to say that this has touched me personally. It is an important recognition. However, I also know that many have survived while waiting for this recognition, and my mother is one of them.”After Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s speech, Pat Turner, one of the country’s leading tribal figures, said he was very flexible. “It simply came to our notice then, Especially underlining the Conservatives elected before parliament. To put it bluntly, we not only deeply regret what happened, but take responsibility for it. .

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Authorities will pay A $ 378.6 million (23 236 million) to victims in areas managed by the Commonwealth during forced evacuations: the Northern Territory, the Australian capital and the Gulf of Jervis. Approximately 3,600 people will receive a one-time payment of A $ 75,000 (€ 47,000) to acknowledge the harm and pay A $ 7,000 (4,400) “Healing Aid”. They can tell their story to a senior government official and apologize in person or in writing.

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“Victims of Abuse”

In 1997, the report Bringing them home, Handed over to delegates after a nationwide investigation that lasted more than a year, estimated that 10% to 33% of all aboriginal children and those from the Torres Strait Islands were separated from their families in violation of basic human rights. Eleven years later, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd formally apologized to the aboriginal community “Laws and Policies (…) Who caused the most pain, suffering and loss “. But, so far, no federal leader has responded to repeated requests for compensation. In April, 800 of them launched a joint action against the government in the Supreme Court of New South Wales.

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