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Australia wants bikers to slow down

Australia wants bikers to slow down

Minimize falls and accidents on roads

A campaign to slow down young bikers

Australia shows us that there really are two schools of awareness about road hazards, although road safety representatives have adopted a humorous and festive tone by joining us to the rhythm of the pee-kee.

And at the other end of the world, it is popular with the most shocking words and images. Some may remember the campaign led by the state of Victoria last year on the importance of proper protective equipment. This June, Australian Road Safety (think!) and the South Australian government have also tried to warn motorcyclists about their behaviour.

Between 2017 and 2021 motorcyclists under the age of thirty are more involved in road accidents, especially in terms of serious injuries, and the campaign is designed for them and those who drive faster on small country roads.

To convince key stakeholders, the campaign is chosen here to adopt their language and evoke their passion for motorcycling by confronting poignant images of injured or rehabilitated motorcyclists.

The “thrill”, “excitement” or “feeling of being alive” then takes on a new meaning. The objective is simple, to slow down to avoid unnecessary risk and loss of control. “leave it”.

Bake off prevention campaign in video

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