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Australia is changing the eligibility rules for the exam

Jopping World Fifteen Rugby Championship: The dream of the editorial board XV

Many choices prohibit players playing abroad from wearing the country jersey. This is especially true for the UK and New Zealand, where the best talents do not want to be deported to another country for money. Australia has been in this framework for a long time, but for some time the selection criteria have changed.

From now on, three players will be able to join Wallaby, which is more than it was in previous months. The only condition is that it shows at least 30 caps. The goal of all of these is not to part with the more experienced players even when they leave for Europe in particular.

This could allow Dave Rennie to rely on Rory Arnold, Quad Cooper, Will Skelton, Tolu Ladu, Samu Kerry or Sean McMahon for future encounters with Wallabies.

“Rugby Australia’s team has approved an amendment that would allow three foreign players to be selected for a match, series or tournament.

These amendments reflect the appropriate policy that will enable our national teams to perform better in the international arena.


Australia has relaxed its selection eligibility rules. In fact, all three players playing abroad can now wear the Wallabies jersey if they show at least 30 choices.
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