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Australia: Canberra airport shooter arrested

Australia: Canberra airport shooter arrested

A man was arrested on Sunday on suspicion of a shooting at Canberra Airport’s main terminal, Australian police said.

This Sunday, flights were grounded after a gunman opened fire near the security screening area of ​​the Canberra Airport terminal. Officials say one person has been arrested.

“The Canberra Airport terminal has been evacuated as a precaution and the situation at the airport is under control,” police said in a statement, adding that there were no injuries.

The man seems to have acted alone

Footage circulating on social media showed a police officer holding a man immobile on the ground inside the terminal as alarms went off at the capital’s main airport.

From outside, multiple bullet holes were visible in the airport’s glass facade, according to images broadcast by Australian public broadcaster ABC.

“Police have been alerted (…) following reports of gunfire in the main terminal,” police in the Australian capital said.

“A short time later, a man was taken into custody and a firearm was confiscated,” he said, adding that the man appeared to have acted alone.

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