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Passenger ships make a resumption this summer in the United States

Passenger ships make a resumption this summer in the United States

The shipping lane said all crew members would be vaccinated against COVID-19. Travelers 16 and older must also be vaccinated before traveling to Alaska. This requirement will be extended to travelers aged 12 years and older to Alaska from August 1st.

Vaccine Firm recommendation

For other voyages across the United States by sea, the Royal Caribbean has claimed it Firm recommendation Passengers should be vaccinated. The company said uninvited passengers should be tested for COVID-19 and then follow other steps to be notified.

The Royal Caribbean has indicated that its first voyage to the United States since March 2020 will depart from Miami on July 2. Freedom of the seas.

Over the next six weeks, the company said five more ships will sail into the Caribbean after leaving Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Port Canaveral, Flor., And Calveston, Texas. The other two ships will sail from Seattle to Alaska.

Royal Caribbean is headquartered in Miami, but records its ships in other countries, with 12 ships scheduled to operate worldwide by the end of August. This includes ships from the UK, Europe and the Bahamas.

In the United States, travel lines have been discussing health measures with federal, state, and local authorities.

Test trips

The Royal Caribbean is planning test trips starting this month. These pilot trips require less than 95% of passengers to make routine cross-sections of travel lines by being vaccinated.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Officials said this week that a lawsuit against the federal government over the terms of the resumption of cruise ships in Florida would threaten plans to restart the Alaska voyage.

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