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Attacks on the Museum of Civilization: The security guard admits to touching visitors’ buttocks

Attacks on the Museum of Civilization: The security guard admits to touching visitors’ buttocks

A Garda security guard accused of assaulting female visitors to the Museum of Civilization pleaded guilty on Thursday. Gabriel Chabot Gagné was captured on surveillance cameras as he walked past the young women, in particular touching their buttocks.

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The 24-year-old pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual interference and one of sexual assault, incidents that occurred during the short period he worked at the museum in October 2022.

In fact, Chabot-Janey had a job interview on September 29, had training the next two days, and then worked six shifts between October 2 and 10. The events occurred during his last three days at the museum.

Brush against victims

The petitions registered on Thursday target three victims, including two minors. However, neither of them was identified, as video evidence enabled the charge to be brought.

According to the factual framework admitted by the defence, Chabot Jani, dressed as a security guard, repeatedly walked around the targeted young women in order to intentionally assault them.

One victim was hit four times in the buttocks “even though there was enough room to pass further.”

“At first she thought it was accidental, but after the third time she texted a friend. “And after the fourth time she panicked,” recounted the prosecutor in the case, Ms.H Melanie Tremblay.

After initially leaving, the woman in her late twenties eventually returned inside the museum to file a complaint against the security guard.

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13 years

The other identified victim was 13 years old when she visited the Museum of Civilization.

While she was at a video arcade, she noticed Gabriel Chabot-Gagné enter and pass by her. The process was repeated approximately ten times during the teenager’s visit, and the security man touched her buttocks each time.

“It was more intense each time. The gestures were made quickly each time. At first, he was just touching the buttocks, but then, he was stroking the entire back of the body,” the prosecutor explained. “It lasted a second.”

Gabriel Chabot Janney in Quebec court on November 16, 2023. The man who was a security guard at the Museum of Civilization is accused of sexual assault and sexual contact with visitors to the museum. Image source: Pierre-Paul Perron, Journal de Québec

Image source: Pierre-Paul Perron

Other videos

Gabriel Chabot Gagné may have sexually harassed approximately 10 other young women, something the latter denies.

The Crown noted that it has surveillance videos showing eight other alleged victims who are likely minors and two other adults to present to court during sentencing applications to be imposed on the offender.

“We intend to present evidence of an aggravating factor in the sentencing of these other unidentified victims,” Al-Sayed said.H Tremblay.

In defense, MH Amelie Levasseur stressed that a pre-sentence report will be prepared by the next date for the court’s directive on the status of Gabriel Chabot Gagné. The lawyer has already stated that the guilty plea was recorded as a confession because her client no longer remembers the crimes.

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“Al-Sayed suffers from amnesia regarding what happened, but he realizes that the prosecutor will bear the burden of proof,” she explained.

The continuation was postponed until the end of next January to set a date for comments on the ruling.

Another folder

Gabriel Chabot-Gagne also has another case pending for assault and mischief for an event that occurred during one of his court appearances.

Attacks on the Museum of Civilization: The security guard admits to touching visitors’ buttocks

Screenshot of video provided by Radio-Canada

The person attacked a Radio Canada journalist who was filming him in an area designated for this purpose, trying to snatch his phone before hitting him with the back of his hand. Annoyed, he then overturned the furniture in a cubicle in the courtroom.

This case will return to court in mid-January.