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At least nine people were killed in the explosion at the gas station

At least nine people were killed in the explosion at the gas station

Police also said that eight people have been hospitalized and “search for others is on”.

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The toll is rising: At least nine people have been killed following an explosion at a service station in northwest Ireland, local police announced Saturday, October 8. Police said eight more people have been admitted to hospital “Search continues for other victims”. However, the police did not elaborate on the origin of the blast, which took place on Friday afternoon in Kreislov village.

Pictures show the damage caused by the explosion at the service station, but also on the facades of neighboring apartments. The two-storey residential buildings behind the station collapsed. Numerous emergency services (police, firefighters, ambulance services, coast guard, etc.) were mobilized.

Letterkenny University Hospital, located 24 kilometers from the service station, has been put on emergency status. Irish Prime Minister Michael Martin said “His thoughts and prayers are with those who lost their lives and were injured in this devastating blast today.”.

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