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At Laval, we love his influence on young people

At Laval, we love his influence on young people

Before the start of the season, Canadian Joel Armia was placed on the waiver list. It was a bit of a surprise, as his contract (two more seasons worth $3.4 million per year) and veteran status offered him some protection, but in the end, he wasn’t the most deserving.

With CH wanting to establish a meritocracy, sending Armia to the AHL was a strong message to the culture.

However, one can wonder what kind of position the striker will take within the Habs school club. We know that some are veterans moodiness When they are sent At the bottomIt was legitimate to fear this reaction on Finn’s part.

Especially with what Karl Alzner “advised” by saying that sometimes sulking is the best way to force the club to get rid of you.

But so far it seems that exactly the opposite is happening. According to Nicolas Cloutier (TVA Sports).Rocket members are completely unanimous in the fact that the veteran arrived at the school club with an impeccable attitude.

Jean-François Holly is one of the people who loves what the Finn brings to his club, both on and off the ice. He doesn’t hesitate to get on the ice and chat with young people to try to help them.

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He clearly got the message, and it’s nice to see that.

Sean Farrell, who played on the same line as Armia yesterday, also had good words for the number 40. He really likes to be around him and feels he is in a good position to develop with him.

Even Logan Mayox took time to highlight what Armia can bring to the team, saying he will help the club win a lot of games this year.

Let’s give Finn credit: he was able to rise from a difficult situation to take on a mentoring role within the CH School Club. We don’t know if it would have lasted over time if he spent months and months in Laval, but he was a popular guy in the Montreal locker room (Cole Caufield seems to really like him) and it also seems to be the case in Laval.

So we’ll see if Jeremiah can continue that throughout the year, but if he takes on a mentoring role throughout the year, he’ll have a positive impact within the organization. And maybe in the end, it would allow him to earn points for a potential call-up…

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– Blackhawks lineup for tonight.

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-Arber Shikaj should consider him an excellent friend, by the same logic.

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