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Are online crypto casinos the future?

online crypto casinoThings have changed in the past few years. It is no secret that now whatever we can do online we do it online. We order food, groceries, and clothes. However, recently we have discovered that we can enjoy entertainment with online systems as well. We are not only talking about online purchasing concert tickets but enjoying adult hobbies and interests such as gambling. Casinos have switched to their online versions and we are moving forward in the future as well.

One of the new trends in online casino gambling is playing with crypto as well. There are even some casinos that are either highly crypto-oriented or are created specifically for gambling only with crypto. Here is what you have to know about them!

What is the online crypto casino?

Simply put, online crypto casinos are just like regular online casinos. The only difference comes with the currency that they use. In regular online casinos, you fund your bets through your credit card with money. When it comes to online crypto casinos, we use our crypto wallets instead of our credit cards, and we fund our bets and play with a specific cryptocurrency that we have chosen, instead of simple money.

Just as with other regular online casinos, crypto casinos operate through websites, so no download activities are necessarily required unless you prefer the mobile applications which you should download.

How do you use the online crypto casino?

Just as already mentioned above, online crypto casinos are quite the same as regular online casinos. This goes straight to the way that you use this service. You open the website and introduce your data and payment information. In this case, these are your names, date of birth, location, and crypto wallet. Then, you are ready with the first step – creating an anonymous account to gamble through. After that, you fund the account with some crypto, that you will use in your games.

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The next step is to pick the right “machine” for you and enjoy it. You can pick slots, spins, and any bets and you will play spending money converted into your cryptocurrency of choice. The same goes the other way round – whatever you win whether it is a reward, bonus, or a jackpot, you win its cryptocurrency realization.

When you want to withdraw your cryptocurrency left in the account, the case is again very similar to the typical payout in regular online casinos. You just withdraw the money in your crypto wallet instead of your bank account.

Are online crypto casinos legal in Canada?

The question posed like that is a bit tricky. The online casino industry in Canada is totally free. However, gambling with crypto is one of the things that are forbidden to be offered by Canadian suppliers meaning online casinos. However, Canadian citizens from Toronto, Ontario, and every other part of Canada are not forbidden to use the online crypto casino services of foreign suppliers. In this sense, online crypto casinos are legal in Canada, just not those based in Canada.

What are the best cryptocurrencies to play with in an online crypto casino?

Crypto is not something new. It has a very long history and most of us who are really into this whole different world follow the tendencies and trends daily. However, if you are not one of them, but still have some connection with reality and any social media, then you should know that Bitcoin is the real king of them all. Most online crypto casinos are highly Bitcoin-oriented. This is no surprise, but there are online crypto casinos that accept only Bitcoin.

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Happily, these are very specific cases and not the common one. Most casinos accept if not all cryptocurrencies, then, at least a very long list of them. Just as expected, the most popular crypto besides Bitcoin is Ethereum and Dogecoin.

Is it safe to play in an online crypto casino?

This is a typical question rising as a concern in many people and may turn out to be the reason why people restrict themselves from trying gambling with crypto in online casinos. Here is the answer! Exploring this type of entertainment with crypto is absolutely safe. All transactions are secured by the technology of blockchain. They all have their own personalized codes and these codes may sound funny but they are quite some trouble to change.

Why are online crypto casinos the future?

This is a question with answers so diverse that a homogenous one is impossible to come up with. First of all, real currencies are very stable compared to cryptocurrencies. Yes, the virtual ones may fall off the bridge quickly, but it is also true that they can gain massive popularity overnight or just over one tweet. So, gambling with crypto is a way to go into the intriguing marketplace.

Another reason that we should not forget is that fiat currencies are under literally no regulation. This strongly contrasts with the vision of the law for the physical and ordinary online casinos. No regulation means that no governmental part bothers you in the game – there is no overseeing or monitoring procedure over crypto games.

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