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An intimate outdoor winter festival in Vallée Bras-du-Nord

An intimate outdoor winter festival in Vallée Bras-du-Nord

The outdoor festival period is not just reserved for the summer months. Proof of this is the Expérience Via Boréale that will be held in Vallée Bras-du-Nord (VBN), near Quebec, from March 15 to 17, 2024.

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Organized by Life's Better Outside (LBO), the event aims to (re)discover the attractions of this favorite destination for outdoor enthusiasts – and also appears on our list of trips to do in Quebec in 2024.

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Participants, who stay in the yurt village, will be able to explore the area by hiking, on snowshoes (custom skiing), or even on a fat bike. Everyone will be able to experience the snow via ferrata, one of the rare places where this can be done in winter, including abseiling and zip lining.

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“The Via Boréale experience is limited to 30 people,” says co-organizer Sarah Skye Carpentier. We want to create great connections between participants through encouragement Slow living. »

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The event will not only be an event for guided or independent activities, but will also offer a gastronomic component, with a dinner prepared from local produce, and educational, as Sarah Skye Carpentier explains:

“With or without experience, we want to help people develop their independence by giving them the tools to become it: traceless winter camping with water and heat management, multi-layer system, etc. Ultimately, we want to promote the outdoors, even in winter! »

More events like this in 2024

In 2023, LBO Experience organized a festival with around a hundred participants in Palisades de Charlevoix. For this new year, the organizers decided to change their approach by increasing the number of events, but with fewer people.

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“Our goal is to make Quebec and the different players in the outdoor community shine,” explains Sarah Sky Carpentier. However, having a festival only once a year is a bit limiting. We therefore decided to focus on small experiments, several times a year, in different regions of Quebec. »

This was especially the case in August 2023 and last fall in Mont Ham.

The March 2024 event in Vallée Bras-du-Nord will therefore be the first in a series of ten, with a distinct activity for each. The organizers did not want to reveal the locations of the upcoming events.

However, we can tell you that there will be river descents, climbing or even camping at the top of the Perseids. To learn more, you will have to be patient and monitor the LBO Experience website.

  • an average : $250 for one night, $280 for two nights. Either way, this includes Shabbat dinner, a winter via ferrata, abseiling, and zip lining.
  • Leasing : $40 for a fat bike, $23 for snowshoes.
  • Information and registration :

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