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An Australian is fined $2,000 for strolling with his python

An Australian is fined $2,000 for strolling with his python

Besides sharks, a surfer in Australia now has to be wary of snakes after he was found with a python around his neck on his board, which landed him with a fine of more than $2,000.

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A video of this brave surfer catching waves on Australia’s famous Gold Coast, south of Brisbane, has caused a stir.

Officials held that he had the right to keep the python as a pet, but under no circumstances could it be removed from its registered home and taken surfing.

“A separate permit is required for public release,” the Queensland Department of Environment said in a statement.

“Snakes are apparently cold-blooded animals and although they can swim, reptiles generally avoid water,” the ministry added. “The python finds the water very cold and the only snakes that should be in the ocean are sea snakes.”

The lurking python, found in Australia and Papua New Guinea, can grow up to three meters in length.

Non-poisonous, they encircle their prey until they die of suffocation.

These reptiles mainly feed on birds, lizards and small mammals.

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