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Almost half of the club will be 24 or under this year

Almost half of the club will be 24 or under this year

Ever since Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton arrived in Montreal, the plan has been crystal clear: We want to rejuvenate the team. Several veterans have left over the past two years, making room for youngsters to acquire and play.

And when you add that to the fact that there were really good guys in the organization, it starts to make a pretty skewer. It may lack some finesse, but there is a large number of young people in town.

All of this means that we’re seeing more and more of the Hab’s fit to be getting younger. In a text published on the athlete Today, Arpon Basu teases the possibility of seeing as many as 11 players ages 24 and under on the roster this year.

I don’t know if there will actually be 11 players from 24 and under, but they will obviously make up roughly half of the roster. We agree that Nick Suzuki, Cole Caufield, Kirby Deutch, Alex Newhawk, Juraj Slavkowski and Kayden Gohle have an almost guaranteed spot in the line-up, and the chances of seeing Arber Xhekaj and Jordan Harris in town are very good.

Initially, eight players. But it doesn’t stop there.

The fact that Jesse Ylonen and Gustav Lindstrom must remain on waivers means they have a small advantage to carve out a place in the formation. Plus, Rafaël Harvey-Pinard showed last year that he can play in the NHL, and even if it isn’t necessarily easy for him to get a spot in Montreal, Justin Barron could get his start to the season with the big club. If he had a great training camp.

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So here are eight semi-professionals and four more whose path to the NHL is not too complicated. We are already at 12.

Add to all this that players like Sean Farrell, Joshua Roy, Emile Heinemann, Logan Mailou, and Philippe Messar, to name a few, can be among the players called up in the event of injury, and once again the number continues to climb.

There is also a world where Len Hutson and David Reinbacher play a few games in Montreal this year. Hutson is more likely than Reinbacher, but it is possible for both of them.

I don’t know how many youngsters aged 24 and under will be playing for CH this year, but what I do know is that the number will be very high, and if everyone Just right, it can be between 15 and 20 years old. And by packing guys like Mike Hoffman, Joel Edmondson, Rem Pitlik and Jeff Petrie, Kent Hughes has found a way to make room for the youngsters in his organization.

CH will not make the playoffs this year, but his guys will gain experience and have the opportunity to play in the NHL to improve. Reconstruction is progressing slowly, but clearly it is progressing.

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