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Algeria defeated Cameroon on the green carpet

Algeria defeated Cameroon on the green carpet

The Algerian national under-20 team won the green carpet against Cameroon, on the sidelines of the first day of the group stage of the Islamic Solidarity Games, which is currently being held in Konya (Turkey).

The long-awaited duel between the indomitable foxes and lions would finally not happen. Algeria won its first match on the green carpet (3-0) due to the absence of Cameroonian players. Only the Algerian players appeared on the field.

In fact, the Cameroonian delegation remained obscured in Yaounde. After not making the trip to Konya, Cameroon was considered the loser. According to Cameroonian sources, the indomitable lions could also withdraw from Senegal and Turkey, respectively.

In addition, the second day of the competition has been scheduled for Wednesday, August 10. EN U23 will cross swords with Senegal, before returning to Turkey on August 12 on the sidelines of the last day. The leader and second in Group A and B (Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Azerbaijan and Iran) will advance to the semi-finals.


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